Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to create as small a dictionary as possible: every word must be defined, and every word used to define any word must also be defined.

But the definitions must be sufficient, so that someone who does not know the meaning of the word will be able to understand the word from your definition alone. A game dictionary with useable definitions should be several hundred words: a minimum of 100 words. If yours is shorter than that, your definitions are probably insufficient for a user. Please always keep in mind a user who needs to understand the meaning of the word based on just your definition alone.

First you will be shown four words - horse, thing, clock, or person - from which you pick your starting word. You define that word, then you define the words you used to define it, and so on, till all words you've used have been defined, at which point you have successfully completed the dictionary.

In defining new words, you should try to re-use words you've already used - either those you've already defined, or words that are still waiting to be defined.

Once you have completed a dictionary, you can do another one, starting with a different start-word. (If you manage to complete a dictionary for all four start-words, you can, if you like, try to do a shorter dictionary with the same start-words, but for that you need to create a new login, as this software only allows one try for each start-word per user.)

Words to be defined

The only words you need to define in this game are nouns (e.g., "ball"), verbs (e.g., "give"), adjectives (e.g., "big") and adverbs (e.g., "quickly"). Any other kind of word (Part of Speech) will be classified as other and you don't have to define it, for example, "a", "the", "if", "or", "his"...

Before saving a definition, always check every word to make sure that the game has quessed the right part of speech for it, and if not, correct it: For example, if you use "wish" as a noun (as in "make a wish") and the game thinks it's a verb (as in "I wish this"), correct verb to noun when you are shown what the game thinks it is. (If you are not careful about this, you will have to define "wish" again later, when you want to use it as a noun. This will make your dictionary needlessly bigger.)

There are also a few special words that you also need not define. The game should make this words other. If not, you can correct it to make them other so you don't have to define them.

Exceptions (words not to be defined)

For example, if you use "is" (verb) in a definition, you need not define it.

Rule :

Every definition must contain at least 3 words that are either nouns, verbs, adverbs or adjectives (not counting the exceptions listed above).

Logging in

Connect page

If you are playing for the first time, you have to create an account by choosing a username and a password. The account is just to connect your current game session with your username and password. After that, to continue playing or start a new game, you can sign in using your username and password.

Important : You have to choose the language you want to use before you start the game.

login page

How to play

Game page

game page

The definitions are saved as soon as you submit them. So if you loose your Internet connection, you can continue where you left off.

Menus and keyboard shortcuts

Menu bar of the game page


menu (suite)

Keyboard shortcuts

On the connect page

Instead of clicking Connect you can hit ENTER.

On the game page

Instead of clicking Submit definition, you can hit ENTER.

In the PoS verification window

Instead of clicking OK, you can hit ENTER.